Concrete Feed Bunks

For over twenty years, agricultural operations have entrusted Prime Portable Ready Mix Ltd. with their feed bunk building needs. Our family-owned company has installed the highest quality of bunk-style livestock features to suit every farm.

Our advanced construction process results in timely installations and preparations. Built to the highest standards of durability, your concrete feed bunk will provide years of maintenance-free use.

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Outstanding Bunk Feeders Built to Your Specifications

Regardless of the type of farm you operate, you need to ensure that your livestock has easy and constant access to food and water. Your feedlot must efficiently provide animals with grain, silage, total mixed ration (TMR), and more. The design must also lend itself to cleaning ease.

Luckily, we are recognized as an industry leader in feed bunks and have been offering the latest in feedlot solutions all over Western Canada. We offer fully customizable feed bunk installations built according to the size of your herd and your dimension specifications.

Our product far surpasses hand-formed or precast options, both in installation and durability. For this reason, they are an outstanding addition to any farm operation.

Proven Methods for Incredibly Efficient Feed Bunk Construction

Before we begin with the construction, we'll first establish your needs, including specifications and dimensions of your feed bunk.

Our building process involves pouring and slip forming the concrete bunker in place. We employ an automated slip form paving system that can complete your feed bunks and pads system in as little as three days. By contrast, hand-forming methods can often take five weeks or more.

Extreme Durability for Custom Livestock Feeders

Our concrete feed bunks are built to last for decades. With minimal upkeep and cleaning, your concrete feed bunking will easily last as long as your farm operation.

We emphasize quality in each phase of our process. We use only the best and most durable mixed concrete, along with quality machinery and equipment. You can be confident in the soundness of your investment when you choose us to install your feed bunks or pads.

Over Two Decades of Expertise in Feed Bunk Installation

We are a proudly family-owned and operated business and first opened our doors over twenty years ago. In that time, we have established an exceptional reputation among Western Canada farming operations of all types.

We stand behind our products and services and make every effort to design the perfect setup for your farm location. You can count on our expertise to provide your livestock operation with the easiest, most durable feedlot system available.

Your Source for Outstanding Barnyard and Fence Line Feeders

If you are considering equipping your farm with a state-of-the-art concrete feed bunk, you have come to the right place.

Prime Portable Ready Mix Ltd. 's decades of experience in creating quality barnyard features will benefit you in terms of convenience, ease-of-maintenance, and cost savings.

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