Concrete Feed Pads

Prime Portable Ready Mix Ltd. is your source for agricultural feed pads and bunks. If you own or are employed by a farming operation, you have come to the right place.

Our years in the field have afforded us the skills to design and install feed pads in a variety of dimensions and configurations according to your livestock needs. Enjoy years of durable use with our outstanding concrete pouring and slip forming process.

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Customized Feed Pads to Suit Any Agricultural Operation

Any livestock operation must offer plentiful supplies of quality feed to their animals. To accomplish this, you need a feedlot that is correctly sized for your needs, not to mention one that will be durable and highly easy to clean.

We design and install the latest in barnyard or fence line concrete pads. Their versatile design makes them an excellent choice for dairy or beef operations. Your animals can access their food with ease, and the embedded sloped floor design makes cleaning and maintenance exceptionally easy.

We can build your feed pad according to your operation's size and herd requirements. If you are considering installing a new feedlot or replacing an existing one, our team can help.

Feed Pad Construction Using Automated Paving System

We have an inventory of the best available equipment and machinery to provide feed pads that last.

In the agricultural industry, there are two common feed pads: hand-formed or pre-cast and assembled. Our concrete pours provide countless advantages to these options, such as:

  • Quick installations at a fraction of the time
  • Innovative paving system
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Significant resale value

Livestock Feeder Solutions Offering Decades of Durability

We use the best quality concrete and installation equipment in each project, which translates into years of maintenance-free durability. Our superior products resist heavy-weight, elements, and years of use.

Once installed, your concrete feed pad will require next to no upkeep and will be simple to clean.

Leaders in Built-In Livestock Feeders

We are a proud family-owned and operated company and have been in business for over twenty years. We are fully licensed and bonded and provide our installation services at highly competitive rates. We are known in the industry as the "Feed Bunk Boys". Based in Lethbridge, we serve a diverse range of agricultural clientele all over Western Canada.

Add Convenience and Value to Your Farm with Feed Pads and Bunks

Prime Portable Ready Mix Ltd. 's custom-installed barnyard feeders and feed pads will prove to be the ideal addition to any farming operation. If you are considering equipping your operation with our highly useful features, our company is the name to know. You can count on our workmanship to provide the additions you need.

To learn more about our services and products, reach out to us at (403) 382-9397.

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