Slip Form Feed Bunks

Are you considering equipping your farming operation with the latest, most durable feedlots? You have come to the right place. Prime Portable Ready Mix Ltd. is Western Canada's leader in livestock feeders.

Our customized feed bunks are poured and slip formed using state-of-the-art concrete equipment, resulting in faster installation and exceptional durability. We can create the ideal feedlot for your livestock needs.

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Bunk Feeders Designed and Built for Farming Operations

In the past, feedlots have often been prepared from pre-cast materials or were hand-formed. Not only did this slow down the construction process, but it also affected the durability of the systems.

Luckily, we have a bunk feeder design for you. Our innovative slip form method results in the most rapid installation and robust construction. Having served countless clients in the agricultural field, we create feed bunks according to your dimensions and specifications.

Our bunks are exceptionally easy to maintain, making them a fantastic investment for any agricultural operation.

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Advanced Slip Forming and Pouring Technologies

Using the latest equipment and machinery, we can streamline the process for precise design and construction. Our quality mixed concrete is specially designed to resist the weight of food, as well as the elements in outdoor settings.

Our mobile concrete is poured and set using a slip forming method. With our innovative technique, we can have your feed bunk system set up in as little as three days, compared to several weeks for other methods.

The feedlots we install add value and dependability to any farming operation. Get yours today!

Meticulous Feed Bunk Installation for Maximum Durability

Our superior construction methods and the proven success of our materials guarantee a feed bunk that will last. Not only do we guarantee durability, but you will also benefit from significant savings in maintenance costs over time. The sloped design of our feed bunks makes them very easy to clean, and enforces their hold for silage, grain, TMR, and other livestock food options.

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Western Canada's Only Slip Form Feed Bunk Builder

Our company first opened its doors over 20 years ago. Based in Lethbridge, our family-owned company has established an excellent reputation in the agricultural industry, serving clients all over Western Canada.

Our years of experience are matched with extensive credentials, and we are fully licensed and bonded. We have the skills and resources to implement the livestock feeding solutions your farm operation needs.

Equip Your Farm with the Latest Feed Pads and Bunks

Prime Portable Ready Mix Ltd. 's slip form bunks are ideal for any farm setting. Our highly durable construction methods and proven feed bunk products will provide you with years of convenience and efficiency.

To discuss your feed bunk project in detail, or to learn more about our enterprise, contact us today at (403) 382-9397.

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